Best 80s Disney Movies

Best 80s Disney Movies

Midnight madness (1980) pg | 112 min | comedy. The 1980s weren't considered to be the best of times for walt disney pictures.

Disney Is Home To Some Of The Best Of The 80s I Have Put Together A List Of My Disney 80s Fav Great Disney Movies The Great Mouse Detective The Muppet

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Best 80s disney movies. Most films listed here were distributed theatrically in the united states by the company's distribution division,. The rescuers down under (1990) error: A surprise hit at the box office, miracle may be the best of disney’s run of sports movies in the ‘00s.

Robin williams, shelley duvall, ray walston, paul dooley. With that in mind, in the article below we’ve taken a look at the top 10 disney films from the 1980s. One day, she fell in love with a dashingly handsome human named prince eric.

The 80s were about trying new things to see if they worked and this movie was one of those attempts that swung and hit. The adventures of the famous sailor man and his friends in the seaside town of sweethaven. An american tail is no exception.

Skip to content about the 80s Over the course of the 80s, disney released more than a dozen movies, and many of them have provided us with. This movie broke the rules and still stands up today as one of the best comedy movies from disney.

If you are curious how many disney movies you've seen in the 70s and 80s, check off the movies you've already watched right here! Disney acid sequence (18) fish (18) love (18) male antagonist (18) revenge (18) thunderstorm (18) movie flop (17) one word title (17) part computer animation (17) princess (17) psychotronic film (17) teenage girl (17) three word title (17) forest (16) rabbit (16) subjective camera (16) animal (15) animal protagonist (15) brother sister relationship (15) car (15). Up is both one of the most heartbreaking and most heartwarming disney movies of all time.

Work on disney’s the little mermaid began with the success of snow white and the seven dwarfs in the late 1930s, but was shelved for varying production reasons. Disney had some good movies in the 80s, especially the fox and the hound, the little mermaid, both of which are considered classics today. The little mermaid (1989) rated:

The music is legendarily 80s with bette midler, dom deluise, cheech marin and robert loggia helping to round out the cast. Playing with the big boys now, above, performed by steve martin and martin short. The little mermaid this is one of the most popular animated movies that kicked off the disney renaissance of great movies and it includes some fantastic iconic songs that you can sing along with.

Honey i shrunk the kids. It was created at an awkward period of disney's existence. Bob newhart, eva gabor, john candy, tristan rogers.

Agents, miss bianca and bernard, race to australia to save a little boy and a rare golden eagle from a murderous poacher. 10 disney movies that are way better as an adult It is also one of the darkest films in disney's animated repertoire.

Hendel butoy, mike gabriel | stars: The film was only released in theaters in the united states and canada while grossing just $9.7 million. Today, we’re giving you a list of the top disney movies of the 80s.

1980s film (5) animal villain (5) based on book (5) betrayal (5) car (5) cartoon cat (5) cleavage (5) criminal (5) disney animated canon (5) dragon (5) electrocution (5) family relationships (5) farm (5) father daughter relationship (5) female warrior (5) fictional war (5) fight (5) flight (5) happy ending (5) horse (5) kiss (5) lightning (5) male female relationship (5) Up (2009) russell (left, jordan nagai) and carl (right, ed asner) in up (2009). National film registry (17) pistol (17) shot to death (17) 1980s (16) anger (16) boy (16) car (16) crying (16) epic (16) independent film (16) male female relationship (16) psychotronic film (16) tragedy (16) voice over narration (16) airplane (15) beating (15) chase (15) drunkenness (15) escape (15) fight (15) hotel (15) racism (15) three word title (15) two word title (15).

2,300 users · 27,550 views. The journey of natty gann, released in 1985, falls into that category. The 1980s was a great decade for a lot of things, and disney movies were no exception.

Despite being a disney film, the black cauldron never received the proper acclaim and attention from the public that other disney features did. The great mouse detective (1986) while the great mouse detective isn't as well remembered as the animated. The muppet franchise you have to kind of be a jerk to dislike the muppets.

They still put out some quality films but a lot of them flew under the radar. There are a few classics nestled in this list of disney movies released in the 1970s and 1980s. With that said, it's time to pull out some popcorn and blast to the past;

In the 1980s, disney lovers were spoilt for choice with every film that the house of mouse released. The film is remarkably unapologetic in how it tackles the vicious antisemitism prominent in eastern europe during the 1880s. 7 an american tail (1986) in the 1980s, don bluth seemed to be on top of the world, rivaling even disney when it came to the strength of his animated films.

Released in 1989, the little mermaid is based on a danish fairytale that tells the story of a mermaid princess named ariel who dreams to become a human.

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