Dyson is Secretly Developing Robots That Do Your Chores – HYPEBEAST

Dyson is Secretly Developing Robots That Do Your Chores – HYPEBEAST

Following the release of the Dyson Zone, high-fidelity ANC headphones with a built-in contactless visor that directs purified air to the nose and mouth, the Singaporean tech company continues to show that it’s capable of producing more than just bladeless fans with a glimpse into its future in robotics. Dyson has set up four robotic tech offices in London, Hullavington, and Singapore and is looking to recruit 700 additional engineers to work on robots that will help humans carry out household chores. “There is a big future in robotics,” says designer Jake Dyson. “Saving people time, performing chores for people, and improving people’s daily lives. I’m a parent, I spend half my life cleaning after my kids and it’s pretty tedious.”
Aside from its classic floor-cleaning robots, Dyson offers a first glimpse at its “secret robot prototypes” which are seen picking up teddy bears, arranging dishes, and vacuuming sofas. In its “Perception Lab,”  proprietary vision systems show off human-mapping and thermal imaging capabilities. “One thing about robots, as with wearables, is that they are the future of Dyson,” Jake Dyson reiterates at the end of the video.
Take a look at Dyson’s sneak peek video above, and look for more details regarding its robots to arrive in the near future.
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