Dyson V11 Absolute Pro vacuum cleaner review | BGR India – BGR India

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro vacuum cleaner review | BGR India – BGR India

The Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is priced at Rs 52,900
It incorporates the V11 motor that turns at 125,000 rpm to create 72,000g of force
There is also a Gold variant of the Absolute Pro which retails at Rs 59,900
The Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner by Dyson. In case you don’t follow the consumer electronics space closely, then it probably won’t ring a bell. But if you re looking to buy a vacuum cleaner then factoring a Dyson into consideration is a must. I’ll tell you why. I ve used the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro for a few months now, and here s my review. Also Read – Samsung launches cordless vacuum cleaner series in India: Here are top 5 alternatives
First things first. The V11 Absolute Pro is how a vacuum should be. All along, the industry offering meant consumers had to choose between portability or power. Not anymore. In case of a full fledged vacuum, the noise and the dust rising out of the clean-up is just too daunting for our own good. Also Read – Dyson Air Purifier Hot+Cool (HP07) review: Answer to the year-long air pollution problem
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What Dyson has managed to do, is magically position its unique products bang in the middle of the two. A sweet spot between convenience and efficiency. Just like last year’s V10, the V11 Absolute Pro charges off a dock that plugs into the AC mains socket. You can choose to wall mount the dock. This way, the ambience of your room gets a dose of new decoration. Whenever you want to clean your house, you simply pick it up from the dock and do your cleaning. When you re done, you just place it back.
The Dyson V11 retains the same design philosophy as the previous versions. There are two kinds of components in the vacuum cleaner. Anything that requires an action such as pulling or pushing is red, while anything that can be removed such as a filter cover is blue. Once you start using the product, this gets intuitive.
The vacuum cleaner is also available in a Gold variant. There’s a list of extensions out of the box. Three of these are motorized. That means, the cleaning side of the attachment has additional motorized power to scrub or scrape out dirt and dust from the surface. In addition, there’s a tool for crevices such as sofas and tough corners around furniture.
Motorized heads with the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro scrub out the last spec of dust so you don’t have to slog. Image: Dyson
There’s also a dusting brush, an extension hose which is flexible, and a unique top adapter. This is quite handy in cleaning ceiling fan blades. You can attach a brush to the adapter and clean the bottom surface of the blade. Later simply swivel the adapter to invert the blade and continue cleaning the top surface of the blade.
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At the heart of the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is the V11 digital motor. It’s motor technology that got Dyson popular to begin with. And with its patented digital motor technology, it’s reached a level where the industry has much catching up to do. The V11 spins at a jaw dropping 125,000 rpm. Coupled with cyclones, or directional tubed airways, it creates a force of 72,000g. To set this in context, 1g is the force exerted by gravity. Fighter pilots can take up to 9g. Essentially, dust doesn’t stand a chance around those kind of forces.
The cone like structure are called cyclones that accentuate air velocity to provide up to 72000g of force for better cleaning. Image: Dyson
Conventional motors as seen on other vacuum cleaners can’t spin as fast. Additionally, the V11 Absolute Pro incorporates a filtration system that captures about 99.97 percent of particles including microscopic dust particles up to 0.3 microns. To see this in action, you can take off the bed sheets from your mattress, then proceed to dust them as vigorously and passionately or dispassionately as you wish. When you give up, just get hold the Dyson, and spend a good deal of time running it on the surface area of your mattress. The amount of ultrafine particulate matter it can draw out despite the whole ‘cleaning process’ prior will surprise you.
Inside Dyson’s innovative approach to Engineering and automated manufacturing
With an efficient system, and a handy display, you re sure of the charge that s left. It also tells you if there s anything wrong in the way you re handling the V11. If you haven’t locked it properly or have unintentionally left something open, the display notifies you. It also helps you keep keep track of the mode you’re working in Eco, Auto and Boost. These three modes prioritize battery performance, algorithm-based performance and pure performance respectively.
A comparison of the airflow through the Dyson V10 (above) and the V11 (below). Image: Dyson
One significant design tweak in the V11 compared to the V10 is dust bin is now horizontal and in-line with air flow. This way, air flow as a result of the cleaning process isn t hampered. Dust can flow straight into the bin without changing direction. What you get is better suction power.
When it comes to the Indian home, it s interesting and alarming at the same time how one gender has to carry on with the responsibility of doing household chores. Rather than generalize it, I’d be specific about my own home. The women in my family don t let me do any of the chores like cooking or cleaning. While I understand that s out of concern, I strongly believe that’s more due to the impending inconvenience my intervention would cause them. Once every few years, I offer my duties towards the greater good of our domestic life.

Those rare occasions when I help clean up, I feel my world has ended. Like the core within me has just ceased to exist. I m allergic to dust. Besides, I can t take an onion being peeled in the room next to me. And I’m not exaggerating any of this. A self-confessed glutton, I love indulging in succulent produce from the kitchen, but I can t admittedly take the effort into cleaning up. Like a puppy guilty of mischief, I do glance from a distance when precious loved ones are busy at work sorting it all out for me. I find myself getting the benefit I don t deserve. If only there was something, I could do to help them.
Like me, there are many out there who genuinely want to help. And thankfully, with technology things can improve. I believe efficient appliances go a long way in changing that. All my concerns around dust allergy vanished into thin air when I got my hands around the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro. My demographic profile got a facelift. I went from being a lazy couch potato Indian male, to being active enthusiastic and responsible. I couldn t leave any corner dusty anymore.
Call it what you may. Whether the fascination to play around with new found gadgetry, or sense of responsibility, I’m convinced of the Dyson vacuum cleaner. It s pricey, but it does what no other vacuum can. And I’m carefully weighing the impact of these words, but I say it responsibly. It s portable, cordless, and efficient. And to recall what I was saying about my dust allergy to dust and the resulting response I had towards cleaning up the house?
Cleaning the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is as simple as pulling the lever and emptying the dust into the dustbin directly. Image: Dyson
Guess what, all that dust I gather through intensive vacuuming goes straight into the dustbin. Without the need for any intervention by me. It s as simple as holding the V11 above a dustbin, pull a latch and you’re done. Push it back in place and you’re ready to vacuum again.
All of this sounds impressive, but the real reason I m smitten by the Dyson V11 Pro is the extent of its efficiency. According to a study by the company, cockroach and dust mite allergens along with dog allergens are found in urban Indian homes. Before you judge the study and pass it off, these were urban Indian homes after routine cleaning. It s interesting that even after regular sweeping and dusting, there are vast amounts of allergens present in the area.
The Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is very effective in drawing out allergens and dust particles from mattresses. The dust study was conducted across 100 homes in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru in collaboration with the FICCI Research and Analysis Centre (FRAC) and offers some uncomfortable results. Irrespective of whether you have a pet or not, allergens find their way around.
Mites thrive on dead skin cells. As humans, we shed a lot of dead skin cells. And as gross as it sounds, those cells reside in your mattress. Not on, but in your mattress. You think placing a bedsheet does any good. Well, not really. These particles are so fine that they can pass through fabric. That’s also the most important reason for vacuuming. Dusting your bed simply scatters those particles in the air. And there’s no way you can clean the inside of your mattress.
As a result, you end up inhaling them, which triggers allergic reactions such as rhinitis. The remaining particles settle down. Wiping with a cloth (wet or dry) forces those particles to either smudge into a paste (speaking in microscopic terms) or get scattered into the environment again. For better understanding about this report, you could read it for yourself here.
Yes. It s expensive. But yes, it’s worth it. When it comes to the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro, I’m emphatically positive. If that’s a price range that’s beyond your reach, check out any of the previous versions.
The Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is how vacuum cleaners should be. I m personally against floor cleaning robotic vacuum cleaners. Since they only clean one plane in a room, a vacuum cleaner that offers mobility like the V11 works well. After all, if it can get someone as lazy as me to enthusiastically pick up the vacuum and clean the house, then I’m sure your home could gain from having this product as well. If you re serious about domestic cleaning, and matters of health weigh deeply, then you must get one. I can t say this with more conviction.
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