Dyson's Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde will get you through the next heatwave – British GQ

Dyson's Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde will get you through the next heatwave – British GQ

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It’s more than a decade ago now that Dyson first introduced its bladeless fan, with its innovative Air Multiplier technology that rendered old-school rotary blades all but null and void. A dozen years on, there have been about as many iterations as there have been iPhones and improved airflow is now but a fraction of what makes up Dyson’s fan game. Enter 2021’s Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde, a device that cools, heats and purifies with more panache than ever before.
The fan/air purifier hybrid is nothing new. Last year, Dyson’s Pure Cool desk fan provided two levels of filtration with a focus on capturing 99.95 per cent of particles as small as 0.1 microns (allergens, bacteria, H1N1 virus, pollen and mould spores) in the process. This time Dyson has gone the extra step to include solid-state formaldehyde sensing too.
Although formaldehyde might not rank as the top concern for what passes through your lungs right now, it’s a serious step forward for the technology, especially if you’re reading this from a London or inner-city postcode. Abundant in building materials and harmful household products, in small doses formaldehyde can cause irritation to skin, eyes, nose and throat, while high doses have been linked to certain types of cancer. Crucially, particles are 500 times smaller than those Dyson was previously adept at capturing, so the development promises the tech brand’s most comprehensive air purification to date.
If that all sounds a bit technical, the Dyson Link app makes understanding your home’s airflow a breeze. Effectively acting like a Garmin watch but for air purity instead of triathlons, its interface neatly displays everything from the outdoor air-quality index in your immediate area to temperature, humidity, pollen and particulate matter. While the numbers won’t necessarily mean much if you weren’t already in the know about such things, their accompanying graphs and red/amber/green colour coding illustrates things just fine for those folks who haven’t elevated their hypochondria to the umpteenth degree. In just a few days of use, some not-too-healthy-looking graph spikes recorded in my SW15 flat, which looks out to a main road, steadied into recordings in line with much greener pastures. Be warned, though: such stats are addictive. I speak from experience when I tell you that your friends do not care about your Strava and they sure as hell don’t care about the air quality of your bedroom.
The Dyson Link app also doubles as a smart home-ready remote control for the Hot+Cool Formaldehyde, boasting a user interface to match its super-slick aesthetic value. From here, you can turn on your device, set the airflow speed, define the oscillation radius up to 360 degrees and set timers to tweak to your liking. If James Bond’s Q made air purifying fans, it’s hard to think what else he’d sneak into the tech spec. You can even sync it to a smart speaker for voice controls.
As with previous models, functions operate in far more sophisticated a manner than the rickety fan standard. Its ten airflow settings can be quickly altered and the time it takes to cool and heat alike is akin to a top-tier supercar's zero to 60. Likewise, it's not bound by mere side-to-side movement but will rotate to heat or cool an entire room, without the need to ever lift a finger. 
One of the standout upgrades to the fan itself is the noise reduction. Dyson’s Hot+Cool Formaldehyde has been engineered to be 20 per cent quieter, great news for light sleepers such as myself who are always tossing up the pros and cons of sleeping in a pool of sweat over sleeping with a constant whirring noise. Better still, the reduction from 64 to 61 decibels means you can operate it during a sweltering Zoom call without disturbance (even at full blast; we checked). It makes working from home in a heatwave that bit more bearable and, dare we say, the wind-machine effect that comes with is quite the vibe.
As with every Dyson fan since 2009, its innately slick features like these that make for a device that’s not just functional but enjoyable. It's also these things that have long justified a price premium far removed from other fans on the market – the Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde is a fan with major bragging rights and one you’d be a fool to resign to storage once the next heatwave is through. Mark our words, this summer’s hottest flex is not a pair of designer shades or sneakers, it’s an air-purifying fan. 
£599.99. dyson.co.uk. At Argos. argos.co.uk 
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