How To Make Salami Roses Using A Glass

How To Make Salami Roses Using A Glass

How To Make Salami Roses Using A Glass. They are also known by lots of different names such as salami roses, salami flowers, meat flowers or meat roses (which sound like the perfect valentine gift for my husband). This easy tutorial (with video) shows you how to use a glass to make an ordinary old stack of pepperoni into a beautiful blooming rose.

How To Make Salami Roses Using A Glass
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Then you do the same with the next piece of meat, overlapping half of the first one. Whether it's for a charcuterie board or a fun snack idea, a salami rose is the cutest and super easy to make! Place another slice and make sure it overlaps the first slice.

How To Make Salami Roses.

Invert the wine glass onto a plate or cutting board and gently coax the rose out of the glass. How to make a salami rose. Fold the salami over the entire rim of the glass, overlapping as you go.

It Just Depends On Your Choice Of Meat.

How to make a salami rose using a wine glass. How to make beautiful food roses. Layer the slices in concentric circles until they meet at the top.

It’s Really That Simple And Adds Such A Nice Style To A Platter.

Press gently so that it falls along the curve. Each rose you see above. 12 salami slicees (makes one medium rose) 8 slices of pepperoni (makes one small rose) plastic wrap or gallon size storage bag;

You Know I’m A Sucker For A Themed Snack, So It’s No Surprise That I’ve Paired Rosé With My.

I call the small roses salami rosettes. Place a slice of salami inside the glass halfway. Watch her instagram tutorial below:

You Can Even Use A Shot Glass!

Exactly what it sounds like: For example, my first layer only has three pieces of meat that are overlapping one another. Salami seems like a perfect cured meat.

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