Locally-filmed movie to play on gospel network – Abilene Recorder Chronicle

Locally-filmed movie to play on gospel network – Abilene Recorder Chronicle

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Updated: May 6, 2022 @ 12:19 am

The ALG Gospel Network has announced that it will broadcast the movie, Can We Talk? nationally at 8:00 p.m. CST this Saturday night, May 7th on the ALG Gospel Network.
The movie Can We Talk? was filmed in the Abilene and Chapman area in 2008 with auto racing footage filmed at Whiskey Lake Raceway located at the north edge of Marshall Army Airfield at Fort Riley. Opening scenes for the movie were filmed at the Dickinson County Courthouse including the opening scenes and the closing scenes of the movie. Other footage for the movie was filmed in Chapman at the park, downtown Chapman, United Methodist Church and the Kansas Auto Racing Museum. 
The movie features more than 300 local people from the area who donated their time to be an extra in the movie or to help off-screen with the filming. The movie was written by Doug Thompson, produced by Covenant Films and directed by Tom Thompson. The movie featured 4 main characters, Jody Waldrop, Nathan Dibben, Taylor Thompson and Cary Mock. At the time of the filming of the movie, Jody Waldrop was a worship leader at Emmanuel Church in Abilene. After being worship leader at Emmanuel Church, Jody and his family moved to Colorado, California and other places. Jody and his family have returned to Abilene and he is Superintendent at Brown Memorial Home. Nathan Dibben was a senior and class president at Chapman High School when the movie was filmed. Nathan went on to college in Chicago, performed in theaters in Texas and became a professional actor. He is now living in New York City. Taylor Thompson was a 6th grader when the movie was filmed and has graduated from Kansas State University and has a Masters from North Texas State and is now employed in Denton, Texas. Cary Mock became a professional actor and is now living in the Kansas City area. At the time of filming for the movie Cary was a worship leader at Emmanuel Church.
The movie Can We Talk? had a realistic shot of being selected to be in movie theaters along with the movie Facing the Giants, a production of the Kendricks Brothers but the tornado of June 8th, 2008 that struck Chapman caused the movie to miss the opportunity to be in theaters. The tornado caused a delay in editing of the movie and by the time the movie was ready to be released it had missed its opportunity to be in theaters. Thus, the movie has been known as “The Lost Movie”. 
The movie was reviewed by American Family Journal (AFA). The movie review board said, “It is a low budget film, and the production is lacking when compared to that of major league films. However, as the story and characters grow, so do the actors. Once the villain appears and the major conflict is developed, viewers will be eager for each new scene. It is family-friendly, promoting forgiveness, friendship, second chances and trusting in God.”
You can now view the movie on the ALG Gospel Network on this Saturday night, May 7 at 8 p.m. CST. Copies of the movie may be purchased in the gift shop at the Kansas Auto Racing Museum at Chapman. Hope you can take time to view the lost movie on the ALG Gospel National Network at:  www.ALG.rocks or on ROKU.
Roy Young, President of the ALG Gospel Network stated, “We became aware of the movie, Can We Talk? some time ago when entertainer James Marvell (now deceased) told us about the movie. We viewed the movie and loved the storyline and the tremendous effort put forth by all of the volunteers to produce a very good movie. We understand the tornado hit Chapman shortly after the movie was filmed and the delay caused by the tornado caused the movie to miss its chance to be in theaters. Therefore, the ALG Gospel Network is proud to promote the lost movie, Can We Talk?” The movie review by AFA is correct. The movie storyline is very good. The movie is family-friendly, promotes forgiveness, friendship and second chances together with trusting in God.
We at ALG Gospel Network hope you enjoy the national broadcast of The Lost Movie – Can We Talk? on the ALG Gospel Network at 8 p.m. CST.
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