One Piece 1047 Spoilers Reddit Raw Leaked On Twitter Chapter 1047 Release Date & Time – Social Telecast

One Piece 1047 Spoilers Reddit Raw Leaked On Twitter Chapter 1047 Release Date & Time – Social Telecast

If you are a One Piece lover and have been watching all the episodes from the very first day so the recently broken news will make you feel over the moon followed by which you will not have to wait for the forthcoming episode of One Piece. Well, as you all know that it has become one of the longest-running Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. No doubt that as always this time the latest episode is going to blow your mind. So, stick around to know what is special.
One Piece 1047

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Recently, on Twitter and Reddit a news started surfacing where it was claimed that One Piece chapter 1047’s scenes have been leaked, and as soon as it got the hype people started searching about it thinking that they will get to know something extra and that too early than others and no doubt that whoever watched it, they will narrating some of the scenes to the viewers who are keenly waiting for the upcoming episode of the show. There is no doubt that the makers of the show are leaving no stone unturned to make it way more interesting to watch and therefore, fans and viewers always stay keen to watch what comes next on the screen.
Well, because the episode has been behind schedule so lovers are looking at approximately what will take place. So, as you all recognize that Eiichiro Oda typically takes breaks after liberating more than one manga chapter. These weekly breaks permit the mangaka to paintings on his intellectual and bodily health. Well, that’s the cause why One Piece isn’t getting Chapter 1047 this week. However, the best information is that we recognize exactly while the manga will go back with the subsequent chapter
However, later it was confirmed by the makers of the show that the forthcoming episode may be postponed due to reasons and fans will have to hold their horses. Although, the entire One Piece community is having a great time currently because of the insane modification of Luffy. The Straw Hat Pirates’ captain has lifted the veil from his “Gear 5,” and the newly found powers have allowed him to become a giant. Along with this all, you will also get to know about Luffy that he could catch lightning and use it as a weapon. So, stay tuned to know about the upcoming episodes of all manga series.

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