One Piece chapter 1035 (leaked spoilers): King’s face revealed and Zoro vs King continues – Sportskeeda

One Piece chapter 1035 (leaked spoilers): King’s face revealed and Zoro vs King continues – Sportskeeda

Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1035 have just been leaked. If these are true, then One Piece manga moves from Queen vs Sanji back to Zoro vs King.
While Sanji and Queen’s fight was on its last leg in One Piece chapter 1034, the conclusion is revealed in chapter 1035. Twitter user and leaker @Orojapan1 leaked the spoilers, but the leaks were not verified.
In One Piece chapter 1034, it was finally revealed that the Queen used his invisibility to beat up Osome, the geisha whom Sanji was accused of abusing. Queen uses all of the Germa 66 powers, but Sanji, in his anger, creates a new attack called Ifrit Jambe.
According to the leaks, One Piece chapter 1035 is titled “Zoro vs King.” The chapter reveals that Sanji’s last attack defeated Queen. The chapter then moves on to where Zoro is fighting King.
Zoro seems to have realized that when the flames on King’s back disappear, his speed increases rapidly, but his defense is significantly weakened. It is here that King’s face is revealed.
According to the leaked spoilers of One Piece chapter 1035, King has Black wings, brown skin, and white hair. These are the characteristics of the Lunarian Race. The government offers 100 million Berries for any information on these people.
King then gets a flashback to the time when he first met Kaidou. They seem to have met at a government research facility of some sort. The English pronunciation of King’s real name is not certain yet, but the leak suggests that it could be Arbel/ Albert/ Albel.
The battle between King and Zoro continues. According to the leaked spoilers, King used an attack called “Omori Karyudon.” Zoro uses a new attack roughly translated to “Dragon King of the Three Flames.” However, the leak does not seem to be certain of the name. One Piece chapter 1035 ends with Zoro and King attacking each other.
The official scans of One Piece chapter 1035 will be released on December 19, Sunday and can be read on or Manga Plus, although only the latest three chapters are available for free on both sites.
The leaked spoilers of One Piece chapter 1035 are available on Twitter and various online manga reading platforms. One Piece chapter 1035 also contains the Limited Cover Series, No. 25: “Running Away from the Whole Cake Island.”

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