One Piece Chapter 1047 Spoilers: Leaked Reddit, Twitter, Release Date, Time, Schedule & More – News Unzip

One Piece Chapter 1047 Spoilers: Leaked Reddit, Twitter, Release Date, Time, Schedule & More – News Unzip

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About One Piece Chapter 1047 Spoilers In today’s article, we’re going to talk about the current and possible future events of the great battle that’s currently going on in Onigashima. Because as we are getting closer and closer to the end of Luffy’s confrontation with Kaidou. We are faced with a lot of new questions, the biggest of which is what is going to happen to the floating island after Kaidou’s defeat.
Now, aside from any potential devastation that could come from the island falling, we also have to remember that the World Government and the Marines are currently on their way if not, are currently in water. And we’re also thinking about the fact that Zunesha is also somewhere around these islands. So how will all of these things play out together as our story moves forward?
So during One Piece chapter 1046, we saw that Raizo really was the center point of the story. And with Jinbe held together, they were able to hopefully extinguish all the flames that are going all throughout the castle of Onigashima. Now, this one act may be the thing that saves the most lives throughout this and also demonstrated this amazing trust between these two individuals because Raizo and Jinbe may not know each other that well or even at all, but because they’re fighting for the same goal, they were able to bring both of their great abilities together to save everyone else around on the island. But the most important events of this chapter still involved this amazing fight between Luffy and Kaido. We see dialogue between the two of them and Kaido still really isn’t understanding what’s going on with Luffy.
I mean, he actually asked him who he was because his appearance and power have completely changed. While this transformation is still going on, we also learned that it is possible that this fight might be coming to its end because Yamato confirmed in the last chapter that Kaidou is very tired because she noticed that the flame clouds he was using to keep Onigashima aloft were starting to go away. So with this statement, we know that this Yonko’s defeat, or at least the end of the fight is very near. So if Luffy ends up defeating Kaido, the entire island of Onigashima would start falling at once, because it’s only because of Kaidou’s clouds that are keeping this thing in the air.
So it’s really going to come down to Momonosuke and whether he can step up to start creating clouds of his own with the power of the devil fruit that he possesses. Now, we do know that Momo’s fruit is in fact a copy of Kaidou’s fruit, or at least the closest thing even if vague upon says that it was somehow a failure because we know that he has the ability to change it to a dragon and so it’s safe to assume that he possesses the same powers but because of his inexperience with using all of these or his fear, it might not be able to be something that he can get pulled together.
So with all this background cover, we’re gonna go ahead and start talking about what could be happening and our expectations and upcoming events for one piece chapter 1047. Now to continue with our story about Momonosuke, we know that he is going to have to figure out a way to overcome his fears. And Yamato has even previously warned him about this because if he doesn’t keep these clouds or make them save the island, Onigashima, everyone inside, and everyone on the ground nearby would end up losing their lives.
And it could be this very possibility where we finally see Momonosuke, build up his courage and use his clouds to move the island to safety. After all, it’s not just the physical island of Onigashima that really causes a threat but Kaido still has items inside his castle that could cause amazing destruction and although Yamato froze all of the bombs with her devil for power, it doesn’t mean that it will stop these bombs from exploding altogether if the island would hit the ground. Now we would also see all of the rubble cause great devastation as we saw what happened when Big Mom fell from the castle and hit the ground herself.
So we’ve just Big Mom caused all of this damage, we know that an entire island would cause all more now at this point, we do not know if big mom lost her life or not. But it could be that she will show back up or this will be confirmed in a future episode or future chapter. But considering that Charlotte Linlin is Big Mom is one of the most powerful characters in the entire story. It doesn’t mean that the people on the floating island will survive either. And we know that because of her great durability, she’s probably going to come back at some point.
But if Wano were to be hit by Onigashima, we’d have to consider that this would be an entire disaster and could take out multiple islands with everything that’s going on in the skies in the city below in the capital. We know that the citizens of Juan are celebrating the big party so nobody may ever even know or see Onigashima floating above them. And nobody knows about the fight or Kaidou’s pirates or the alliance between Luffy pirates and the samurai. None of this is known so all of this could come nearly right before they see the island start to fall.
Now as slowly as the island has been getting closer and closer to the flower capital. Momonosuke has been trying his best to keep Onigashima from falling into the water and it may be in this next chapter that he finally gets the way to create his clouds to at least redirect the island or it keeps it locked altogether. So perhaps this could be like Momonosuke’s moment just like when his father held all of his vessels above the boiling oil so many years ago.
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this could be Momo’s, great man. moment because we know that although the fight between Kaido and Luffy isn’t over, there could be some great ramifications once the fight comes to an end. So moving on to Kaido and Luffy is fine, we know that this should be going back on. And in one of the last panels of the last chapter, we saw Luffy in the sky holding on to a lightning bolt as if he was going to throw it at Kaido. Now, whether he has the ability to summon lightning, much like he does fire in his Red Hawk attacks, or just can simply grab lightning because he’s made of rubber, we don’t know.
But this is a very interesting advancement in his powers. In any case, we know that this attack is sure to have a great effect on Kaido because even though he has this incredibly strong skin, that doesn’t give him any resistance to electricity, and although this attack might not take Kaidou’s light, it would bring an end to the fight whether Kaido still has an awakening up his sleeve or something else we know that just one bolt of electricity or lightning bolt isn’t going to take him out. But either way, once Kaido starts to falter Momonosuke is going to have to step up and create clouds.
Another thing to consider is that as Kaido’s and Luffy’s spike comes to some kind of climax or Kaido is nearly defeated. We also have to bring Zunesha into the equation because perhaps he may intervene or be the final thing that brings Kaido’s defeat to reality because we know Zunesha can hear the drums of liberation which are being emitted from Luffy’s heart. So it’s possible that the big elephant is going to get attracted to where the fight is occurring because he wants to confirm that the joy boy has returned. It has also been widely speculated in the community that once Zunesha is finally there in Wano.
Zunesha might take Zuo back and place it in Wano. So that Zuo can become a part of the country as this might be one of the goals or missions that he was given by Joy boy in the past. Aside from those two big things, we also have the marine showing up in Wano, as well. So who knows what’s going to happen because we know the Marines are going to be apt to capture any pirate that they can get or anyone who survived this confrontation against Kaido. In addition to that, the chorus says if they really confirmed that Luffy has this new power and has awakened this ancient devil fruit, they may order the Marines to go specifically after him but maybe not to defeat him but at least get him in custody.
So in order to bring a swift end to Luffy, or to at least bring him down so the World Government can get their hands on it, they are going to have to send somebody incredibly strong to Wano and the only person who could possibly get there fast enough would be Kizaru because he is the admiral who has the fastest ability having the light light fruit or glint glut fruit that allows him to travel at nearly the speed of light. Now the last time we heard anything about Kizaru we saw Akainu stopped him from going to Wano because they didn’t know the exact power level of all the sorts that went on in Wano.
So Kizaru stayed at the Marine headquarters while waiting for orders to follow. So this might give some time for the sailors to contact back or at least be alerted by the Gorosei and then have Kizaru dispatched from there. But even then, even though Kizaru travels at the speed of light, we don’t necessarily know the distance that he would have to cover in order to get to Wano or if he could even get there in a straight line for that matter. So even though he can get there quickly, he may still end up showing up just a bit late. And this might be a bigger part of the plan to have the person with the sun god powers round down and worn out by the world’s strongest creature and then move into strike and attack and get that devil fruit back.
After all, everyone would be too tired to face them, especially Luffy because we don’t even know yet what the side effect is going to be from him being in gear fifth, because we know that every evolution he has had there has been some kind of consequence. And this would be no different for this new awakening. So the last possibility is that even if the Marines and Kizaru and everybody else show up to take on Luffy we could also see allies of the Straw Hats show up maybe even part of the straw hat grand fleet coming in because everybody has been waiting for joy boy to reappear.
So it could be that we also get support from other characters we haven’t seen in a while. One other added benefit to this story about Luffy’s awakening, especially with it being a zone is that we now might actually get to see how Oda develops a better story about Zoan fruits in general because we’ve seen a lot about logia and we’ve seen the pyramids see a journey or at least alleged pyramids see a journey that Luffy has been going but now we’ll actually get to see the Zoan arc not only with Luffy but even Momonosuke as he continues to develop his own powers.

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