One Piece Chapter 1050 Spoilers Teases Kaido’s Defeat – DualShockers

One Piece Chapter 1050 Spoilers Teases Kaido’s Defeat – DualShockers

Kaido has fallen.
By Shivam Gulati
The entire One Piece community is eager to learn if Luffy has actually defeated Kaido with his godly punch. Well, some spoilers for the much-awaited Chapter 1050 give us a brief idea of what to expect after the previous chapter’s cliffhanger.
The previous chapter featured a flashback, where we see Kaido accepting that only Joyboy is powerful enough to defeat him. At that time, he never would have imagined that it was Luffy who carried Joyboy’s spirit inside of him. Kaido put down Luffy several times during the battle, but the Straw Hats Captain always pulled himself back up. Now, for the first time in this long fight, Luffy overwhelms Kaido.
According to some early leaks, Chapter 1050 is titled “Glory,” and it shows Reiju and Ichiji on the cover, who appears to help Niji and Yonji.
After taking a mighty blow from Luffy, Kaido falls into the magma and goes under the Wano Island, which is the exact spot where Big Mom fell down after she fought with Sanji.
So, after all the speculations, the next chapter confirms that Luffy has defeated Kaido, at least for now. Of course, several fans may think that Kaido’s loss against Luffy isn’t fulfilling. However, there’s a slight chance that the Emperor of Seas will come back, as the narrator didn’t yet announce Kaido’s defeat. But for now, it’s definitely a victory for Luffy’s fans to cherish.
Anyway, after that, the chapter shifts its focus towards another flashback, where we see Toko and Yasuie. Toko doesn’t want Yasuie to be the only one to laugh, so he ate the smile that Toko consumed.
In the present, everyone is shocked after witnessing the incredible battle, and Nekomamushi announces Luffy as the winner to the people of Onigashima. Momo, who comes back to his human form, assures Zunesha that he’ll open the border, but that isn’t happening right away. At the end of the chapter, we also see Hiyori and Red Scabbards appear. Then, Denjiro states that he is here with the new “Shogun of Wano.”
Did you know that Chapter 1050 will be released on May 27 – 28, 2022
And 10 years before that exactly, on May 27- 28, 2012
Chapter 668 released Luffy and Law’s alliance to defeat Kaido
So far, these are the only spoilers we’ve got for One Piece Chapter 1050. Fortunately, the chapter is only a few days away from its official release on Viz Media and Manga Plus, so you’ll see the conclusion to Luffy and Kaido’s fight soon. The chapter will release this Sunday, May 29th, 2022, and you can read it on both platforms without getting any subscription.
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