One Piece Chapter 1051 Spoilers Hint at Yamato Joining the Crew – DualShockers

One Piece Chapter 1051 Spoilers Hint at Yamato Joining the Crew – DualShockers

A good news for Yamato’s fans.
By Shivam Gulati
After almost 100 chapters, Monkey D. Luffy has finally won the fight against Kaido in One Piece. Now, everyone is looking forward to Luffy’s next bounty in Chapter 1051 of the manga series.
Luffy fell against Kaido several times during the fight; however, the Straw Hat Captain finally overwhelmed the Emperor of the Seas with his newly found “Gear 5” powers. He creates a fist as big as Onigashima island and punches Kaido, sending him under the island’s surface. Several fans thought that Kaido would rise up to fight Luffy again, but surprisingly, the Narrator announced Monkey D. Luffy as the winner.
According to some early spoilers, Chapter 1051 of One Piece is titled “Shogun of Wano Kozuki Momonosuke,” and its cover features Germas’ escape. The chapter picks off right where the previous one left off, and we see Momonosuke giving an incredible speech to all the people of Wano. Also, as the title suggests, Momo is appointed as the new Shogun for the people of the island. The story’s Narrator also confirms that Momo is the new Shogun, and over the years, he will be remembered as the best Shogun for Wano country ever.
After that, the chapter shows a small flashback, where we see that Tama’s powers only last for a month. Finally, we see Yamato, who decides to join Monkey D. Luffy’s crew. Few members of the group are shocked by Yamato’s decision, but some are happy about it. As for fans, we already expected Yamato to become a part of Straw Hat Pirates, especially after she helps the crew against Kaido.
So, that’s every spoiler for Chapter 1051 of One Piece. Of course, the official chapter will offer so much more than what we’ve learned through the leaks. So, make sure to read the chapter when it releases this Sunday on Viz Media and Manga Plus.
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