'One Piece' Chapter 862 Spoilers And Manga Updates: Sanji Falls In Love With Pudding For Real; Series Coming To An End? – iTech Post

'One Piece' Chapter 862 Spoilers And Manga Updates: Sanji Falls In Love With Pudding For Real; Series Coming To An End? – iTech Post

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The manga and anime series of “One Piece” is undeniably enjoying a huge success since it started decades ago, but there is a longstanding rumor that the creation is already coming to an end. Meanwhile, latest reports on the anime say that the “Whole Island Cake” arc’s production is already finished while the manga might see Sanji falling in love with Pudding for real in the next chapter of “One Piece.”
Fans who picked up the rumors about “One Piece” coming to an end expressed their dismay, but most enthusiasts firmly believe that there are a lot more arcs that need to come to the series including the rest of Luffy’s adventure to find Gol D. Roger’s greatest treasure. Creator Eiichiro Oda though is yet to give a comment about the buzz as his statement last year sparked the new current rumors.
Oda said in a statement last year that there might be around 20 percent of the series left for him to do. This has then worried a lot of fans who started to think that no new stories will come to the hit Japanese series. However, a spinoff series is said to come sometime this year, which is being thought of by other “One Piece” lovers as a reason for Oda to stop writing for the original story. Fans though should wait for an official announcement to confirm the reality behind Eiichiro Oda’s previous statement.
Meanwhile, the anime series is reportedly done with the production of its “Whole Cake Island” arc which is said to start airing episodes on April 9. Jump previously released visuals of the upcoming arc then later announced voice cast additions which include “Naruto Shippuden’s” Noriaki Sugiyama (Uchicha Sasuke). The arc will lean towards Sanji and Pudding’s wedding which currently being featured in the manga series.
The manga version of “One Piece” is heading to its chapter 862 where spoilers reveal that Sanji might fall in love with Pudding. While it was confirmed that the pirate was only acting to carry out the assassination of Big Mom, some fans have the feeling that Sanji might forget their plan and change his mind while staying close with Pudding. This follows the previous chapter where Sanji acted weird when Pudding dared him to give her a kiss on the lips.

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