'One Piece' Chapter 862 Spoilers: Katakuri Attacks Sanji And Luffy's Doppelgangers Appear; Pudding's Third Eye Complex Explained – iTech Post

'One Piece' Chapter 862 Spoilers: Katakuri Attacks Sanji And Luffy's Doppelgangers Appear; Pudding's Third Eye Complex Explained – iTech Post

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The latest chapter of “One Piece” manga is finally out and the alliance’s assassination plot for Big Mom is in play. However, the wedding ceremony takes a different turn, forcing every side to finally play out their hand in order to survive the mess that just took place.
The new chapter, “One Piece” Chapter 862 picks up where the manga left off after going on a short hiatus. The wedding ceremony has finally started with Sanji Vinsmoke and Charlotte Pudding walking down the aisle and as promised, Jinbe wakes up the Straw Hat Pirates. However, it seems like Luffy isn’t waking up and while this is happening, the wedding cake is finally brought out.
Katakuri becomes wary of the wedding when he sees the future with Pudding crying in “One Piece” Chapter 862. As it turns out, Pudding showed off her third eye to Sanji and the latter complements it instead of getting irked by it. Moved by Sanji’s reaction, Pudding breaks down in tears and reveals that she has been bullied since she was a child because of her third eye.
She further explained that even her mother, Big Mom did not like seeing her third eye because it scared her, thus she was forced to hide it behind her bangs and it became the source of her twisted personality. These sudden turn of events have hinted that Pudding confessing the truth behind her third eye might reveal a new leaf in her life. Some are predicting that she might finally give in to Sanji and even betray Big Mom, who have been cruel to her for a long time.
Seeing Pudding’s reaction over the confession of her third eye, Big Mom realizes that Pudding isn’t going to follow the plan and go through with the wedding. With things going differently as planned in “One Piece” Chapter 862, Big Mom decided to act immediately and signaled the priest to shoot Sanji. However, Katakuri sees the future again and it revealed Sanji dodging the priest’s attack so Katakuri decided to shoot Sanji instead.
Surprisingly, Sanji still manages to avoid Katakuri’s jelly bean attack, which surprised everyone because Katakuri usually never misses his target as revealed in the earlier chapters where he killed one of the guests with one shot. The attack on Sanji signaled the alliance to make their move and as predicted, Luffy burst out of the wedding cake but instead of one person, countless doppelgangers of Luffy came out. At the start of the wedding, the Vinsmokes were already heavily guarded and surrounded wherein even Sanji’s sister, Reiju accepted that they’re doomed but with how things panned out, they can still help out with saving Sanji and get out of Whole Cake Island alive.

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