'One Piece' chapter 984 release date, spoilers: Yamato reveals his face and may pledge alliance with Luffy – EconoTimes

'One Piece' chapter 984 release date, spoilers: Yamato reveals his face and may pledge alliance with Luffy – EconoTimes

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‘One Piece’ chapter 984 release date, spoilers: Yamato reveals his face and may pledge alliance with Luffy
Photo by: One Piece/Facebook
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One of the most awaited scenarios in this arc is the arrival and reveal of Kaido’s son Yamato who has gone missing for a long time. The Flying Six have been sent out to look for him during the festival, and Kaido promised a big reward to anyone who will bring his son to the castle.
While nobody from the people who were ordered to find Yamato has found him, it was a big surprise when he walked to Onigashima by himself. However, his return was not to reunite with his father but see Luffy, which baffles the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates. Who’s side is he anyway?
Assumptions about Yamato
Yamato was first mentioned recently, and many readers were shocked to know that Kaido has a son. Thus, his identity, characteristics, and whereabouts have been a big mystery.
There was a theory that he is a reincarnation of Oden, but this was contradicted by some fans. Instead, they are saying that he could have read Oden’s tales and became his fan, so he is on his side.
In chapter 983 titled “Thunder,” Yamato finally arrived, and he showed out from nowhere at the moment when Ulti and Page were about to attack Luffy. He came at the right moment and swooped Luffy out of harm’s way.
Yamato won over the two Beast Pirates members then he ran away while carrying Luffy. After they reached a safe place, Kaido’s son told Luffy that he has been looking forward to this day they would meet. However, it is not clear why Yamato said this, and what could his intention be?
Elsewhere in “One Piece” chapter 983, Momo is on the verge of being executed by crucifixion, but Kanjuro will surely not allow this. Orochi seems to be making Momo’s execution as the finale of the festival, but surely help is on its way, especially now that many of the Straw Hats Pirates and its allies have already set foot on Onigashima.
Plot prediction
Now, in the upcoming “One Piece” chapter 984, Momo is expected to be saved. It was also posted on Straw Hat Manga that Yamato’s face and full body would be shown for the first time.
There is also a possibility that Kaido’s son will pledge alliance with Luffy. It was suggested that he could be doing this because he is aware of Oden’s prophecy that was revealed 20 years ago. He predicted that Luffy will arrive and that would be the end of Kaido’s reign.
Manga’s chapter delay and new release date
In any case, “One Piece” chapter 984 will not be arriving this week as it goes on a short break. It will be back on July 5 instead and raw scans will be available on July 2 or 3.
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