'One Piece' chapter 991 release date, spoilers: Full war on Onigashima brings out traitor characters and expanded Luffy's allies – EconoTimes

'One Piece' chapter 991 release date, spoilers: Full war on Onigashima brings out traitor characters and expanded Luffy's allies – EconoTimes

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‘One Piece’ chapter 991 release date, spoilers: Full war on Onigashima brings out traitor characters and expanded Luffy’s allies
Photo by: One Piece/Facebook
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Luffy’s allies are expanding as the war in Onigashima continues. Kaido and his crew are struggling even with Big Mom and the Flying Six by his side. This is because the Straw Hat Pirates are getting unexpected help even from characters they did not know were on their team.
Story recap
In the previous “One Piece” chapter 990 titled “Army of One,” Who’s Who and Queen tried to kill someone who turned out to be X Drake of the Tobiroppo group. The latter learned that he is a traitor who betrayed Kaido’s team by freeing Law in the past.
They failed to put him down after X Drake suddenly ran to Luffy’s side not to ask for help but to assist him with fighting the Numbers. Later, he asked the Straw Hat Pirates’ leader if he could join them and fight against Kaido which surprised Luffy.
Elsewhere, Sasaki was also fuming mad after learning that Kyoshiro is a betrayer however when he was freed, he also left with his knowledge and information about Kyoshiro’s real identity. He was freed after the Big Three pirate crews have fallen in the hands of the Straw Hats and the Minks.
The Minks played a big part in taking down the Numbers and Jack in “One Piece” chapter 990. Queen is disappointed with what is happening and her allies are disappearing one by one too.
Spoilers, plot prediction and release date
Luffy has not fully answered X Drake yet with his proposal of he and his team joining the Straw Hat alliance and his answer will finally be revealed in the upcoming “One Piece” chapter 991. Marco and Prospero will also arrive in Onigashima so the marines may back up X Drake.
“One Piece” chapter 991 will also show Zoro coming in between Luffy and Queen’s battle while Sanji fights with King. The Mink’s Inu and Neko will face Jack at some point and it is likely that they will put him down.
With this progress in the war in Onigashima, it won’t be long when Luffy may get a hold of Wano as Oden wished for before he died twenty years ago. Then again, there are also chances that some important characters from both sides will die before the war is over. Meanwhile, “One Piece” chapter 991 is set to be released on Sept. 28 as per One Piece Fandom.
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