'One Piece' Episode 786 Spoilers: Luffy Survives And Meets Pudding; Series Ending Already Predicted By Its Creator – iTech Post

'One Piece' Episode 786 Spoilers: Luffy Survives And Meets Pudding; Series Ending Already Predicted By Its Creator – iTech Post

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The “One Piece” anime continues to see the adventures of Luffy D. Monkey and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates who are heading towards the Whole Cake Island. The upcoming episode 786 might see Luffy and Chopper getting into trouble as they set foot in the Sweet Sweet Chocolate Island. Meanwhile, it might not be long until fans will learn about the series’ ending as major leak about the finale was reportedly revealed by the creator himself.
The previous episode of “One Piece” saw the Straw Hat Pirates’ full encounter with Sanji’s siblings. Reiju was able to save Captain Luff D. Monkey from the verge of life and death as she sucked the venom out of the pirates’ body. As soon as Luffy recovered from the poison that was killing him, the crew and Reiju looked back at the Vinsmoke history and how Sanji was separated with them.
After a heated discussion, the Germa 66 left the Straw Hat Pirates who then decided to sail through Big Mom’s territory dubbed as Totto Land. Their first stop was at the Sweet Sweet Chocolate Island where Luffy and Chopper dared to set foot to find food.
The promo video for “One Piece” episode 786, which will air on April 30, shows the duo indulging themselves on limitless sweets and it is also revealed that they will meet Charlotte Pudding. Following this, the Straw Hat Pirates might find themselves in trouble as they originally stopped through the island with Pekoms hiding them from Big Mom’s patrol.
Meanwhile, a longstanding rumor about “One Piece” coming to an end is still in circulation. A recent report even revealed that creator Eiichiro Oda already has an idea of how the adventures of Luffy D. Monkey will end. A previous interview of Oda with a Fuji TV announcer, Daijirō Enami, revealed that the creator has already planned the direction of the anime which he shared to a sick fan in 2014.
It was learned that Oda granted the wish of a terminally ill kid, Hinati Fujinami, to meet him in person and to hear about the ending of “One Piece.” The spoiler was however kept closely guarded and fans, until now, have no idea on the leak.
Eiichiro Oda already hinted on the nearing end of “One Piece” as he previously said that there is only 30% more of his creation to be finished. Previous reports also reveal that the Whole Cake Island arc is almost done which rumors claim to be the final plotline of the successful “One Piece” anime.

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