Outdoor movie night essentials | | kpcnews.com – KPCnews.com

Outdoor movie night essentials | | kpcnews.com – KPCnews.com

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Outdoor movie nights can be a great way to spend warm evenings with friends and loved ones. The guest list is only limited by the seating you have, and even then, movie watchers easily can sit on picnic blankets, making it simple to host a crowd.
Movie nights outdoors may be different than those in a theater or living room, but certain must-have items are no less important. No movie night under the stars is complete without these essentials.
A screen and a way to project the movie are must-haves for any outdoor movie night. Projectors should be small enough that they can be carried outside, but large enough to emit enough light to fill the screen. Options range anywhere from $400 and up for quality projectors.
Screens run the gamut from inflatable and free-standing options to white sheets hung from a clothesline. A dedicated screen will be more stable and look better, but it all comes down to budget.
A portable speaker can be moved anywhere you need it. A speaker with an auxiliary input enables you to hook it up to your video source so that the audio-video synchronization is top notch. After all, wireless connections may lag. The speaker will be functional for movie nights as well as music and entertainment for any outdoor event going forward. If your yard is large, you may need more than one speaker.
Individuals have various options for media players. Small players can plug directly into projectors and are the easiest sources for backyard movies if the Wi-Fi signal in the yard is strong. You also may be able to connect a mobile phone or laptop/tablet into the projector, relying on those devices to stream content.
Folding camp chairs are portable and can be stored for guests who prefer being off the ground for movie nights. Otherwise, thick, waterproof blankets enable guests to spread out while watching movies outdoors. They’re also great for kids who are liable to spend a portion of the time watching the movie, but much of it running around the yard.
Kernels, oil and heat are the perfect combination for producing movie-theater-worthy popcorn. Place plenty of reusable popcorn containers nearby so guests can bring their bounty back to their seats. Canned beverages with straws also are portable and pair well with popcorn for a great movie experience.
Outdoor stringed lighting adds ambiance and safety to a space. However, you also may want to consider using some solar-powered staked lights on the ground to map out aisles and make it easier for guests to navigate the yard in the dark.
These basics can get anyone started on hosting regular outdoor movie nights.
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