Terry Crews Wants a Brooklyn Nine-Nine Reunion Movie on Peacock – MovieWeb

Terry Crews Wants a Brooklyn Nine-Nine Reunion Movie on Peacock – MovieWeb

Terry Crews says he misses his Brooklyn Nine-Nine family every day and wants to get them back together for a movie on Peacock.
Maybe the Brooklyn Nine-Nine movie will end up happening, as Terry Crews is still pushing for it. Originally, the comedy series premiered on Fox before it was later canceled after five seasons. Because it was such a popular series, NBC picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine where it aired an additional three seasons. The cast and crew wrapped up the final season in 2021.
While the show is over, it doesn't necessarily mean we have not seen the last of these characters. Crews previously teased his desire to get the gang back together for a heist movie on Peacock, NBCUniversal's streaming service. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Crews says he's still interested in doing that film. Better yet, he imagines the rest of the cast would all be on board as well to return for what would be basically a feature-length episode of the show.

"Oh my God. I am definitely still interested. I still think we could do a heist movie. (Laughs.) We always had our yearly heist episode and I think that would be brilliant, especially with Peacock and all the great things that NBC can already do. I think that every cast member will be down for us to do a nice hour and a half episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, make it three episodes all involving the heist and a new heist and it would be all wonderful. I love, love, love my castmates. I spent eight years with these guys and they’re truly family, and I miss them every day."
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Recently, Crews could be seen joining the Netflix comedy series Space Force. The America's Got Talent judge has also done recent voiceover work, which includes the animated wrestling movie Rumble and the Cartoon Network series Craig of the Creek. It was announced that Crews will also join the Walking Dead universe as a new cast member on Tales of the Walking Dead, an anthology series that follows new cast members in every standalone episode.
Be that as it may, Crews is always keeping the door open for that Brooklyn Nine-Nine revival, such as with a possible heist movie on Peacock. He previously opened up about his desire to keep the franchise going with movies now that streaming services like Peacock are all looking for more and more exclusive content to offer to their subscribers. As he told Entertainment Tonight last year:

"I think everyone is open to it. When you look at what streaming is doing and you also look at how many shows have been brought back. I mean, it's wild now. They are bringing back Diff'rent Strokes and Facts of Life in different iterations. We know that there is going to be a comeback sometime and especially now that Peacock is creating their own entertainment, I could see a Brooklyn Nine-Nine movie. We could do a heist episode every year. That would be hot.”
For more on Terry Crews, you can check out the actor's new memoir, Tough, when it is released on April 26.
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