The most bizarre and futuristic tech gadgets we've seen in 2022 – Gadget Flow

The most bizarre and futuristic tech gadgets we've seen in 2022 – Gadget Flow

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You can never be too sure what technologies companies will develop each year, but this year they look both strange and wondrous. From a nibbling cat robot to autonomous delivery trucks, the most bizarre and futuristic tech gadgets in 2022 offer surprising takes on technology and its place in the future.
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These gadgets certainly raise a few eyebrows. The Udelv Transporter autonomous delivery vehicle, for one, promises to deliver consumer goods at an exact location and time—without a human driver. Even more surprisingly, you can already reserve one.
Then, Google’s AR Glasses give AR a practical, everyday application; translating languages in real time. Now you can see your overseas colleague’s words translated right on your glasses.
Get ready to be impressed—and maybe even perplexed—by some of the oddest gadgets of 2022 so far.

It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, but the Gravity Industries Jet Suit allows you to soar through the air using its 5 gas turbine engines. It offers a gravity-defying experience and has possible use as rescue equipment.
This gadget’s price is TBA. Visit the official website for inquiries.
AR isn’t just for games and workplace simulations with the Google AR Glasses. They have a pretty incredible real-world application, translating languages in real time on the lenses.
This gadget is a concept, and its price is TBA. Check out the official website for more information.
Get the foot data you never knew you needed with the Aetrex Albert 2 Pro 3D foot scanner. While the measurements may seem excessive, how often have you been disappointed by shoes you bought at a store or online? This comprehensive gadget solves the issue but is still one of the most bizarre and futurist tech gadgets we’ve seen in 2022.
This gadget is coming soon, and its price is TBA. Visit the official website for more information.

In the future, a robot may deliver products to your grocery store. The Udelv Transporter autonomous delivery vehicle is an extraordinary step in that direction, relying on AI software and EV components. You can schedule it in 15-minute delivery windows, get real-time notifications, and reschedule easily.
Reserve it for $2,500 on the official website.
Show off your floor plans, product designs, and much more in 3D when you have the Acer ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition laptop. It looks pretty futuristic, unbelievable even, but this laptop allows you to design and present your ideas in 3D thanks to eye-tracking cameras, AI, and a high-quality screen.
This gadget is coming soon for about $3,795. Learn more on the official website.
The TP-Link Archer AXE200 Omni Wi-Fi 6e router captured our attention back in January at CES with its antennas that rotate to provide you with the best internet coverage. It’s cool and weird, which is why it made our list of the most bizarre and futuristic gadgets of 2022.
This gadget is coming soon for $499.99. Visit the official website for more information.
The Yukai Engineering AMAGAMI HAM HAM is a cute robotic kitty designed to soothe stress by nibbling on your finger like an infant. It’s adorable but one of the strangest robots we’ve seen.
This gadget currently available only in Japan. Visit the official website to learn more.
The Dyson Zone Air-Purifying headphones with ANC offer a futuristic way to combat air pollution with their 2-stage air purification system. They purify air pollution indoors and out. They even keep you entertained with high-fidelity audio and ANC.
This gadget is coming soon, and its price is TBA. Visit the official website for more information.
We’ve never seen anything quite like the COMODO shoe storage device, but we totally get it. Shoes get stinky and contact all sorts of debris. But who wants to deodorize and disinfect them every day? This bizarre and futuristic gadget takes care of it with its HEPA filter and UV lamp.
This concept gadget may or may not be realized. Learn more about it on Designerdot.
Incredibly, the MyndPlay MyndHub brain-training wearable trains your mental focus and meditation, allowing you to interact with your devices using your mind. Of course, you have to wear the EEG brainwave headset, and your device must be plugged into other gadgets for it to work. Still, the gadgets react in response to your intentions.
Preorder it for about $218 on Kickstarter.
Will these odd gadgets become part of everyday life in the not-too-distant future? Let us know your thoughts!
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